October 4, 2012


Image from reboundair.com

Friends, there exist in my library realm POGO STICK books. (Not a technical term--a Liberty Lady creation.) These books have cover art and titles that make a grown up roll her eyes. These books include an element of the ridiculous. These books seem dumb.

Kids know better. These same books make them laugh, don't require intense cognitive effort, and occasionally involve a little bathroom humor. These books are POGO STICK books--they help the reader pogo to another type of story.

Image from Barnes & Noble
Gary Paulsen is one of my faves. He's my go-to author for wilderness adventure books. Here's the thing: not all scholars love to read a coming of age story set in the forest. Let me tell you, they are missing out BIG TIME. Gary's work is vast and varied
I hand wilderness adverse students Lawn Boy. Gary wrote Lawn Boy, but it's a different kind of book. The cover art is mischievous, the story clever. While this book contains no bathroom humor with it's carefully crafted message of independence and self-reliance, it appeals to the same crowd. Lawn Boy is a pogo stick book to Hatchet,Brian's Return, Brian's Hunt, and Brian's Winter. 

More POGO STICK authors? Jim Benton. Andrew Clements. Dan Gutman. Megan McDonald.