May 8, 2013

Still Learning . . . WEMTA Inspirations

Technology, you fickle beast, you change so frequently. Just when I think I've got one facet of your character nailed down, you go and develop another. 

~ ~ ~ ~

Nope. Not me. I don't feel that way. (Okay, Twitter had me on edge for a stretch. I was not getting it. I'm now Twittified. No worries.)

It's a good thing I love a tough puzzle. Nothing pleases me more than discovering something, learning about it, and figuring out how to use it! New (to me) uses for technologies inspire me. At WEMTA, I learned about using technologies for unintended projects. Creativity knows no bounds when grown-ups and students alike are given a range of choices. 

I've been trying this out in the library, giving students a scavenger hunt "Mission" and asking them to "spy" on the library stacks. Then, I charge them with providing me "evidence" using an App of their choice. I've ended up with a variety of app use: Camera, iMovie, Notes, Explain Everything, and more. Good times, happy kids, great outcomes.

Here's a CREATIVE post from "The Busy Librarian" about using programs other than Power Point to make presentations: The Busy Librarian: So Long, Powerpoint. I love this post. I love that Matthew Winner eulogized Power Point. If only I were clever enough to think this stuff up!

What's the point of this post? Try new things! Winner inspired me to try out PowToon. I'm now a convert. I've got a PowToon in the queue for a presentation I'm giving next week.